Let’s talk about The Crown by Kiera Cass!

This is the last book in The Selection series. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Eadlyn as much as I did America. That being said there were times when I didn’t like America that much either. This series all together was hard to describe for the fact that while I didn’t always like them, I was always excited and curious about the next installment. I’m not sure what I really expected for the ending of this series, with America it was obvious who she had to pick (right? everyone knew America and Maxon would be together somehow). With Eadlyn’s story I’ve been a lot more unsure of who her love interest will be in the end. 


Serious spoilers here but truly I want to discuss this book someone so if you’ve read it let me know your thoughts!!


I’m having a hard time writing a review, which is why I’d prefer this to be a discussion, because I really did not like the end. I kind of thought Eadlyn’s choice was random, it felt like it came out of nowhere. Maybe I was rooting for Kile too hard. I mean she seems happy with Eric but was it really love? Maybe there was some subtle hints here and there but I thought maybe it was just a crush or part of the fact that she had never had this much male attention. To suddenly be all “ I love you but I can’t have you because I must be selfless for my country’ then to change to ‘Just kidding I’m going to be selfish and pick you and just change the monarchy’ really throws you for a little bit of whiplash.

Honestly I don’t even think that’s the part that has me the most bothered. It’s her decision to change the monarchy. I really didn’t even know what that meant and had to google it which leads me to think that the people wouldn’t have really understood it either, just seen it as this child coming in and changing everything. From what I read it means that she would still rule but there would also be a Prime Minister that she would have to work with. Am I close? I rarely understand political matters. And then to appoint her recently unveiled Aunt as Prime Minister? Wouldn’t the public find out about that? Even in the two years it takes to set up the voting wouldn’t that most likely cause more uproar or conflict?

I really wish I had been making notes throughout reading this book because I know there were parts I liked and enjoyed, such as the change in relationship between Eadlyn and Josie. Due to the ending and all the questions I have left (Does Nenna’s boyfriend get to move closer? How does the public take to Eric? What does her parents think of the decision?) I feel that I’m seeing the whole series in negative-tinted glasses

Have you read a book where one little thing just throws it all off for you?

I will say my absolute favorite thing about this whole series is the gorgeous book covers. I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by the cover but with covers this pretty I expected a light happily ever after read and I think that’s exactly what I got. Even with my negativity everyone technically did get a happily ever after.

Henri pulled us both in close. “You being together. I make your cake!” –The Crown Kiera Cass



Maximum Ride: The Final Warning

 By James Patterson

This is the fourth book in this series with at least three books following. I listened to all of these by audio book and for the first two books I would sit in my car just a little longer to hear what happened next. They always kept me on my toes. Around the third book they began to almost slow down. This fourth book felt very watered-down compared to the first books.

This book starts out with Max and the gang looking for their next mission in saving the world. People high up in the government are lookinginto building a school or facility for the flock to learn at while the government studies them. The flock, always wary of people wanting to ‘study’ them, denies them and leaves. Max’s mother contacts them later claiming to have found a way for them to help save the world. They met and the next thing the flock knows they are headed to Antarctica to help research global warming. Angel gets lost in a snow storm after trying to get her very own Penguin (can’t
say I wouldn’t want one either) Max and Fang come to save her only to all be captured by some evil Frankenstein like soldier. Once the gang in bought in front of the Uber Director he reveals his plan to auction them off to as weapons for war all the while a hurricane is brewing outside. As the auction
begins and the Uber Director realizes that the flock is not so easily controlled the hurricane outside reaches category 4 and finally bursts through the windows destroying the Uber Director and his soldiers. Max and the gang stick it out through the storm and head back to Washington where Max’s mom and Jeb wait. Max ends up talking in front of the congress in the behalf of global warming and attends
the opening of a new school especially for the flock and other kids like them. In the end the voice in Max’s head comes back with more coordinates to save the world.

I don’t know if you can tell or not but I didn’t really like this book at all very much, nowhere near as good and action packed as the earlier books. Although I do plan to finish the series hopefully they will not
go downhill from here.

Your thoughts?