Hello again

Hi there. Long time no talk.

I’ll spare you all my excuses but basically I got a little overwhelmed between trying to keep up with a weekly blog and daily Bookstagram. Writing is not my strong point. I think that’s why I like Instagram so much is because of the small captions. A picture says a thousand words an all that. I really want to push myself to get better at writing so I’m going to give this another shot. I’ll probably only post biweekly but my love of talking about books may allow me to post more.

On the subject of books, when you read someone’s review or post about a book what do you like to see? Do you like to actually see the blurb/synopsis or a general overview? Do you like spoilers (with given warning of course) or just a vague outline of what to expect?

Since I’ve last been on here I have gotten some good reading done. Some highlights:

  • Berserker by Emmy Laybourne
    This story revolves around Hanne who is a descendent of the Viking Gods and has been given a curse/gift (depending on how you look at it) of Viking raiding powers, the Nytte. Traveling from their home in Norway to the Wild West of America, Hanne and her siblings look to find their uncle for help on controlling their unique powers.
    I had never heard of the Nytte before and loved the concept of the different Viking raiding gifts being passed down throughout the bloodlines. While this could have technically been ended with one book I am thrilled there will be two more books. I’d really love to see the different Nytte and how they use or accept their gifts. In the beginning I do wish there had been a little more explanation on the consequences of using other Nytte besides Berserker. I ended up rereading some to see if I missed it but it wasn’t really explained until later in the story. The story takes you on a grand adventure and the sweet romance was enjoyable. Not exactly insta romance but it was a fated romance, neither types would have deterred me from the story though. The siblings have complicated and loving relationships that is realistic and familiar to anyone with siblings. I highly enjoyed the whole book. I think other readers who enjoy action, adventure, and mythology will fall in love with this story as I have.
    I am already dying to get my hands on book two, Ransacker!
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
    If you’re even considering reading this book, stop what your doing and go read it right now. This was a fun and sweet read about coming of age and finding your own path. I can’t believe how long it took me to pick it up but I absolutely loved listening to the audiobook. The narrator does a great job and really makes this enjoyable. I loved it so much I want a physical copy as well for my collection.
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
    Why did I wait so long to read this?! It was fantastic! I’ll admit I totally thought I had it figured out early on but turned out I was wrong! I think that’s one of the best praises for a mystery novel, being surprised at the murderers identity.                   Audrey Rose was a lovely little spit fire and great role model for girls. Thomas is a swoon worthy Sherlock type that I can’t get enough off! I can not wait to see what they get up to in the next book!
  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
    Why yes I did just read this book within 24 hours and yes I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. On the plus side I can now binge read the whole series!                    This really was an enchanting read. I could barely put the book down. The story follows Alina Starkov as she goes from being an orphan to a map maker in the Second Army and then on to Os Alta to learn more about herself. While the plot could be said to be generic ya fantasy I believe the world and magic building gives this tale its uniqueness that really sets it apart. I am thrilled to continue on with the series!
  • Come Sundown by Nora Roberts
    ** spoiler alert ** New favorite. Hands down. I thought I loved The Obsession but this book surpassed it. How is it that Nora can write all these books and they just keep getting better?!?                  This story revolves around the disappearance of Alice, how the family moved on, and the chaos of her return. Bodine (yes that is the main females name and yes it took me forever to get use to it) is the type of character I’d love to be but in all honesty not realistic, too perfect. Callen is a sexy cowboy that’s adds the perfect amount of romance through the story. Be prepared with tissues throughout the book though, it stirred up a lot of emotions for me but that’s usually a sign of a good book in my opinion. The mystery was pretty decent but not completely surprising. There was a good red herring where it could have gone a couple ways and still been believable.
    Overall I loved this book and even though I checked it out from the library I plan to buy it to add to my collection.

Basically if you didn’t catch on I’ve read a good handful of books that I’m kicking myself for not reading sooner. Good news is now I have a plethora of books I’m excited to read!

For the month of November my goal is to try and read more books that I own compared to library books and to work on finishing up some series that I’m in the middle of. My book clubs theme is historical fiction which works out perfectly since there are a few books on my self that fit the theme and my personal goals.

Any goals for your November reads? Any books you kicked yourself for not reading sooner? Chat with me! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Whatever Bakes Your Cake

The Great British Bake Off is my crack. Seriously this is one of my absolute favorite tv shows. The ultimate downside is because I live in the US I have only been able to watch 3 out of 7 seasons. They’ve recently been added back to Netflix therefore the baking bug has bit me something fierce. I sit here re-watching Season 2 (which is actually Season 4) as I type while nibbling on this delicious Magic Vanilla Custard Cake. Not only does it drive me to actually bake but it also forces me to abandon my To Be Read books for a familiar sweet treat.

Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe is an adorable chick-lit romance packed with delicious goodies. Not only do you get a charming novel you also get recipes for the confections described in the book. Ill be honest and say I have not tried to actually make one of these recipes but I am determined to try one before I finish reading it this time. 

I remember really enjoying this read my first go around just a cute fun read with great friendships and a sweet romance. I am over half way through reading now and this time is a little different. The uncertainty Issy feels and hoops she jumps through to open her dream bakery bring to mind my dream to open a bookstore. I’ve done a lot of serious research and while it wont happen this year (or probably even the next) I WILL open my dream bookstore one day.

The friendships in this book are amazing. These women come from many different backgrounds but come together to form amazing bonds. Granted they all aren’t exactly friends in the beginning, its lovely to see the friendships form and grow.

Overall I love this book and highly recommend it for a fun delectable read!

Talk about a plot twist!!

Legend by Jude Deveraux

Start: 3/4/17      End: 3/6/17

Wow this book threw me for a loop. First off I don’t normally read time travel but my book group is reading books featuring time travel this month so I thought I’d start with this book since I’ve read Deveraux before and enjoyed her books. I expected a nice fluffy romance, girl travels to the past, falls in love, decides to never leave. So not the case.

This book was no thought provoking read but it was exactly what I wanted, pure entertainment in the best way. Yes there was one or two plot points you just had to ignore and some insta-love but come on, time travel fated lovers, what do you expect?

From the beginning I enjoyed Kady’s character, I am a sucker for a book about a chef, and of course was pretty wary of Gregory.  When we get around to meeting Cole he does seem like a nice man but his problem with telling fibs raked my nerves. In the end I understand his mindset and it makes all the difference.

Once Kady has met and listened to Ruth’s side of the story I was seriously stunned. Staring off into space can’t wrap my brain around it stunned. Never would I have guessed that plot twist but looking back it absolutely fit.

After leaving Ruth with the promise to visit the Jordan descendent in her time Kady returned having spent months in 1800 Legend Colorado only to have a few hours pass by in the present. Much had happened in that little time and it had changed Kady for the better. She had really found her confidence, realized her worth, and thankfully got rid of Gregory.

Kady and C. T. Jordan meeting for the first time was insta-love as to be expected. As cold and calculated as he seemed I liked him overall, unfortunately he does have that Jordan fib telling trait.

On their quest left by Ruth in her will they head to present day Legend, Colorado. After some more time jumping, lots of teasing flirting, and a little hanky panky everyone is where they belong and it’s happily ever after.

I have now found out there is technically a second book but it is a short story and I am working to get my hands on it. It seems to be about Cole and the woman he married. There are a few characters I would like to know what happened too so I hope it at least mentions them.

Overall I found the book to be a fun read and am now scouring more Jude Deveraux books to read.