The Selection

A friend and I have been reading through the Selection series starting from the beginning. Book one and two will be rereads for me and I’m excited knowing the whole series is out and at my fingertips! No waiting!

As I started reading The Selection a lot of the events began trickling back into my memory and made me even more excited to read the books. America is my kind of girl. Hard working and low maintenance, willing to help her family and some what of a spit fire(it’s the red hair).  May is just an adorable ray of sunshine, the little sister we all wish for. As with most parents America’s mom and dad really try to do what best and provide for their children. On the surface America’s mom sounds pushy and controlling but can you imagine having just enough for the basic necessities for your family and knowing since the birth of your daughter she would most likely be eligible to be in the Selection therefore giving her a much better life. I can’t imagine the weight that must bear on them as parents. The Dad does give some of the best advice throughout the book. 

Once America has been selected her life is forever altered. She’s no longer a Five in the caste system but immediately a Three just for participating. She goes on to think of what her job would be after the Selection is over, in her mind there is obviously no way she will be chosen since she doesn’t even want the crown or the prince.  

America and Maxon’s first meeting is quite the interaction. After the shock of being picked and the upheaval of moving into the place you really can’t blame the girl for being a little snappish. I have to say later during the garden walk it’s even more shocking. One of my favorite quotes happens then. 

“Just that. Your family must be very different from mine.”

“I’d say so.” I laughed. “For one, no one wears their tiaras to breakfast.”

Maxon smiled. “More of a dinner thing at the Singer house?”

“Of course.” ― Kiera Cass, The Selection

Maxon is also the master at giving gifts that mean the most, or maybe he just understands America from the beginning. I really just can’t wait for those two to get together. 

If you’ve read the book then I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve left out a key factor, Aspen. I have not liked him at all from the beginning therefore I’m just not gonna talk about him! 

Overall I’ve really enjoyed reading this book again and I’m really looking forward to seeing this competition through to the end. 


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