Tell it to me again…

This month the book group I belong to read Fairy Tale Retellings. It’s really a great little book group on Facebook. It’s called Back of the Book Club if you want to check it out!

Here are the Fairy Tale Retellings I read this month!

Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor. The Percy Jackson is series is a favorite and I have to say I almost like Magnus Chase better, it’s a close call. This is the second book in this series involving Norse mythology. Riordan puts such a fun and unique twist on the Norse Gods from the  crude tv loving Thor to the power point obsessed Odin. My attention was captured throughout the book with the action pack plot and sassy characters. Riordan writes the best sassy characters!

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. This Nordic fairy tale was just adorable. I had never read this tale but instantly fell in love with it. Pika is a kind heroine who puts her family before herself even when some of them don’t deserve it. Going through the story she finds herself in an odd friendship that turns to love and a happily ever after like the best fairy tales do. This book is YA but it felt more juvenile than most YA books I’ve picked up lately. Overall great little read full of magic, adventure, and friendship.

Wild Orchid. This is one of the books in the Once Upon A Time series and while its a series they are all stand alone novels. This is the retelling of Mulan. I adore the Disney movie Mulan and was surprised I had never actually read any books based on her story. Wild Orchid was a lovely little novel and while I enjoyed the quick read I did find myself wanting more in the sense that I loved the story so I did’t want it to end. It had enough differences that kept you interested but stayed true to the original story as well.

Spirited. This was another Once Upon A Time novel. I find that I enjoy reading Native American fiction but that I haven’t read many. This was supposed to be a mix of Native American folklore and Beauty and the Beast retelling and I think it delivered nicely. While I obviously don’t think this book was very factual on many things it was an entertaining read. I enjoyed the slightly slow friendship that bloomed into love unknowingly until almost too late between the main characters. The ‘little people’ were by far my favorite though.


I do also enjoy a good Austen retelling from time to time. Have you read any good retellings lately? What are some of your favorites? Id love to hear from you!




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