Royally Crushed

Royally Crushedby Niki Burnham

This book is actually three books in one. Royally Jacked, Spin Control, and Do-Over.

I was in the mood for a royal love story, after the whole royal wedding and what not, and I saw this at Books-a-million so I had to pick it up. I had actually already read at least the first book and most of the second but I re-read it all and thought it was a cute book. Definitely a feel good read. Although the character is young and only about 16 there are some serious emotional problems Valerie has to go through only making the story better.

Basically, Valerie moves to a small country across the ocean with her father where she meets and goes to school with Prince Georg. They become fast friends but once school starts things become a little more complicated. As any young couple they have their parents overseeing their every move, but when you try to date a prince not only are your parents watching but so is the entire country.

Although I don’t believe this story would ever happen to me in real life it’s a good book to make you believe in happy endings.

So I saw on my stats board that people were searching for the actual location for the setting of this book (if I understadn it right). I forgot the places name when I was first writting this so I went and found its set in Schwerinborg. Hope that helps. =)

Since this is my first post I would love to know what you think. Is there something else I should add? Should I go more into the plot even though it may have some spoilers? What do you like or dislike? I would also love to know what your reading, recommend, or would like me to read and review. Let me know your thoughts. =)



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